Degrees to Radians Conversion

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Angles are a way to measure the amount of turn or rotation between two lines. We often use angles to describe the position of something or to measure the distance between two points.

One common unit for measuring angles is degrees. A full circle is divided into 360 degrees. A half-circle, or a straight angle, is 180 degrees. A right angle, like the corner of a square, is 90 degrees.

Another unit for measuring angles is radians. A full circle is equal to 2π radians, which is about 6.28. To convert from degrees to radians, we can use the formula:

radians = (degrees * π) / 180

For example, to convert 90 degrees to radians, we can plug in the numbers:

radians = (90 * π) / 180 radians = π/2

So 90 degrees is equal to π/2 radians.

It's important to note that radians are often used in higher-level math and physics, so you may not encounter them until later on. But understanding the concept of angles and how to measure them in degrees is a great foundation for learning about more advanced math concepts in the future!

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