Normal Distribution

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A normal distribution is a type of pattern that we often see in data and information. Imagine that you have a bag with a large number of marbles. If you pick a marble out of the bag and measure its size, you might find that some are small, some are medium, and some are large. If you repeat this process many times, you'll notice that there is a pattern in the sizes of the marbles you pick.

The pattern is that most of the marbles will be medium in size, and there will be fewer and fewer marbles that are very small or very large. This pattern is called a normal distribution, and it is shaped like a bell curve.

A normal distribution can be used to describe many different kinds of data, such as heights, weights, IQ scores, and many others. Understanding normal distributions is important in many fields, including science, medicine, and statistics. It can help us make predictions and make sense of data that we collect.

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